Socks and Apparels for climbers

climbing merino socks for cold weather

Thank to the help of Professional Alpine Guides we developed a series of specific socks for climbing.

Cerro Tech Socks is a merino wool climbing socks which have been designed to allow you to wear narrow climbing shoes that allow progression in multipitch routes in an alpine environment and / or in any case you climb exposed to wind and cold.

If you nead more information on this sock you can read on our blog how this climbing sock was designed and built to be used with climbing shoes.

Ice Climbing Tech merino wool socks are another product designed mainly for ice climbing in piolet traction, mixed routes and glacier progression, even if they also proved to be excellent in winter trekking and winter outdoor activities.

For these socks we use a 60% extra fine merino wool and 40% polycolon yarn with the advantage of increasing the drying speed of the sock, removing moisture to the outside and giving a feeling of dryness during activity.

Furthermore, this yarn is excellent in avoiding overheating due to friction with the consequent risk of blistering. Obviously the reinforcements and pads in pure merino wool and not in polyamide (a material that absorbs moisture) like almost all the socks on the market, will make the difference!

You have also to try our accessory products in pure organic merino wool such as the Ultra Light Under Helmet in organic merino wool that allows you to have a 100% natural and breathable first layer of protection in contact with your skin.

Products designed for climbing that have also found excellent performance in cycling and running thanks to the lightness, warmth and above all the breathability that makes them products that dry very quickly, minimizing the discomfort of humidity.

ZAK Sauge Grey New
ZAK Sauge Grey
Ski Touring MTB Climbing Light 100% Merino No Mulesing New
39,50 €
ZAK Whale New
ZAK Whale
Arrampicata - Ciclismo - MTB - Trekking - Sailing
35,50 €
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