ATTENTION: DATES MOVED TO 30th Avril - 1st May
The zero edition of Bivouac for Nature was held in 2021. A meeting between friends who have gathered on the Mondeval plateau in the Dolomites - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - to pitch their tent under the stars.

A symbolic opportunity to find yourself in our mountains and reflect, between a beer and a laugh, on how the environment we love is changing and how our environmental awareness affects our daily choices.
After the success of the B4N Zero Edition .... here you have BIVOUAC FOR NATURE - FIRST EDITION

What B4N is ?

Bivouac For Nature is an event in which to express our opposition to the attacks perpetrated against the Dolomite environment and the mountains in general, but also a meeting point to give voice to dissent, to inform ourselves and develop a free environmental awareness.

Bivouac For Nature has set itself the goal of implementing a moment of collective reflection. A moment in contact with Nature in search of a feeling that is the prerequisite for a less aggressive and more symbiotic relationship with it.

what you need to partecipate to B4N

Each participant will be autonomous from all points of view and must be able to reach the meeting point and tackle an alpine bivouac independently and safely. Bring the tent we put the mountain!

Why to take part to B4N

Because participating is wonderfully useless, as is climbing a mountain, or getting lost in a forest in autumn. But it is also what makes us feel alive. If you understand what we are talking about, you understand why you have to joint us...

Who is the B4N for?

If you share our vision. If you think it is necessary to protect the few remaining wild spaces for the future generations. If you believe that a more respectful, conscious and sustainable way to live the Mountain is possible ... then Bivouac For Nature is aimed at you and you must participate!!

How Bivouac For Nature works

Sign up, choosing the method you prefer below and you will receive an email with the place in the Dolomites where the Bivouac For Nature will be held and all the information you will need to participate.

At the momento the only thing you need to know are the dates. Book the 30th Avril and 1st of May 2022.  The event is set up between the sunset and the sunrise. Before, during and after you can do anything but you can also do nothing and just contemplate the nature that surrounds you.

*depending on the snow conditions the bivouac place can be changed for safty reason

Joining Bivouac For Nature will allow you to spend a night in very close contact with Nature to rediscover the pleasure of confronting with it but at the same time also sharing an experience and creating a network with people who share a vision.

The B4N is an unconventional event for mountain lovers.


Once you have registered, the EVENT BROCHURE will arrive at your email address with all the information on how to approach the bivouac, the place where the Bivouac will take place, why we choose that place, the activities we have organized.


confirm your presence



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The First Edistion of Bivouac For Nature is possible thank to the partecipation of :

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