30th APRILE - 1st MAY 2022 - FIRST EDITION


Attention:  the news dates are 30th Avril - 1st May 2022 in Pian dei Fiacconi on the Marmolada glacier.

Pian dei Fiacconi is a natural depression at the beginning of the glacier near the Marmolada Glacier Shelter at about 2,700 meters above sea level.

NOTE: In case of avalanche danger 4 or higher we will notify you through this page the new site of the bivouac

Why Marmolada?

The reasons that made us decide to find ourselves in Marmolada for this first edition are many:

because the Marmolada is a symbol both from the mountaineering point of view and from the point of view of environmental battles and victories;

because important interventions are being planned with new installations and new ski connections on this mountain without any of the disused ones having yet been removed;

because a huge avalanche destroyed the Pian dei Fiacconi refuge last year and we wanted to show all our solidarity with Guido;

because the place of the bivouac is the point where the new arrival station on the glacier will rise;

because we wanted to camp in a place at envoronmental risk that would allow us to connect with nature but which was also easily accessible;

because we will have a shelter nearby that will allow us to reduce our impact;

... but above all because the Marmolada is our favorite mountain and for the first edition we would liketo start from here.

Is B4N children free?

It obviously depends on the children, but remember that the B4N rule is total autonomy!

The environment in which we will find ourselves, although the nearby refuge can greatly simplify things, remains a glacial environment at high altitude and therefore inhospitable.

Considercarrefully taking children with you.

Infos for bivouacking

Surely you will need a tent, a good mat and a super sleeping bag. We also recommend a survival blanket to put under the tent in contact with the snow. Stove, food and lots of beer.

If you play an instrument, bring it!

How to get the bivouac: The map

Once you have crossed the dam of Lake Fedaia, go up on snow-covered ground (difference in altitude 600m) until you reach the Marmolada Glacier Refuge where it will be easy to identify the site of the bivouac.

We will keep you informed on the openings of the pass and on the snow conditions to face the climb to the bivouac.

Remember that to reach the Fedaia from the east you must check if the pass is open, otherwise the only access is from the west via Canazei.

Dowload the map.

How Bivouac For Nature does it work

Anyone who participates in the Bivouac For Nature must be completely autonomous as regards reaching the bivouac site, staying in a glacial environment, staying overnight in safety and sustenance (food and drink).

As always, it is our duty not to leave a trace of our passage.

The Marmolada Glacier Refuge will allow us to use the toilets (allowing us to greatly simplify the management of organic waste) but all other waste will be brought back downstream and disposed of correctly individually (including biodegradable waste!).

Is recommended:

Snowshoes (with integrated crampon) and ice ax to keep in your backpack in case of icy snow;

Skis with skins and rampant to be applied in case of icy snow;

The mountaineering equipment then depends on what you intend to do on Sunday when you wake up.

What we will do?

It is still unclear ... but we will continue to update this page based on the event schedule. So ... Remember this url address!

You can arrive on April 2nd whenever you like and set up the tent.

Surely there will be representatives and members of many realities that are closely involved in outdoor and especially the environment and this day will be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

In the afternoon there will certainly be a moment (in the heat) in which those who wish can tell their experience and share it with others.

17:00 Guido Trevisan the owner of the Pian dei Fiacconi Refuge will tell us about the future scenarios for the Marmolada.

It would also be nice to be able to show a short documentary about ski resorts and nature, but for the moment we are not saying anything else since there is nothing for sure.

19:00 Before sunset everyone in the bivouac area to prepare dinner.

20:00 In the dark we will light a campfire to warm up and tell us who the hell we are.

07:00 At dawn or when you see fit better, breakfast ... and all day to do whatever you like!

Coordinates GPS

46°26'40.7"N 11°51'35.5"E
46.444626, 11.859858


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