Temperature -20°C / 10°C

This product is made with merinized wool coming from a short and traceable 100% Italian supply chain.
Hand made knitted in Dolomites

Color Antrax Black

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This handmade beanie is made from a very soft wool sourced, predominantly, from Italian sheep.
This beanie is handmade is circular knitted.
Designed for outdoor activities in winter with heavy cold but also for static and prolonged stays in cold environment. This beanie is soft and yielding and fits well and completely covers the ears .
We do not recommend using it under a climbing or ski-mountaineering helmet.

This beanie due to its comfort and thermality is very suitable for anyone who has to spend a lot of time outside in a cold temperature environment.

100% Italian merinized wool spun and dyed in Italy.
Handmade product crafted under our supervision as part ELBEC's Manifattura Diffusa project.
Handmade in Val Pettorina - Dolomites

Available in one sizes:

Thanks to the type of workmanship with circular needles, this hat has a very elastic weave that can cover multiple sizes. This hat can be worn from circumferences from 55cm to 62cm without any problem.

Thick beanie with banded lining to cover the forehead and leave a more breathable top, in fact, oinside, the beanie has a band of ZQ Natural Fiber certified shaved merino knit of 160gr/m2 fineness to improuve his protection against the cold.

  • Warmth

  • Thickness

  • Breathability


100% Organic Merino Wool - No Mulesing
Weight: 145gr


Excellent quality , great beanie that I also use in daily life . Being one size , the hat is a little tight for me , but I trust it will give a little bit by using it. I purchased a Classic Short a year ago. Also this model was always only in one size , and it fits me well almost a little snug. one note: Perhaps the inner wool , which covers it inside , to keep the head warmer, is a little snug. I don't know if you would be able to stretch it tighter to the inner cap, so it would fit better.

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(Zanè, Italia)  11 Apr. 2022

Nothing to say about the quality of materials and workmanship. But on the site I had read "This cap fits very well and covers the ears". My head is very big and for me is too small!

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(Calenzano , Italia)  15 March 2022

I used the cap in cold and strong wind . Really good and warm .

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(Carrara, Italia)  11 March 2022

high-level craftsmanship

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(Caravaggio, Italia)  14 Jan. 2022

It keeps very warm and is comfortable at all times. Aesthetically it is also apreciable

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(San Donà di Piave, Italia)  23 Dec. 2021

Fantastic product! Top quality!

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(Schio, Italia)  01 Dec. 2021

Technical Details

Organic Merino Wool Benies Hand Made
Headband Merinos Heavy Alpine

Beanies and head bands

Our handmade hats and hand bands are entirely handcrafted with knit or crochet by the people who decide to partecipate to the Widespread Manifacturing in Val Pettorina - Dolomites.

Each craftsman chooses their colors intertwining extra fine organic merino wool or Bio Organic cotton both chlorine free. That is why each product is unique!  Each craftsman has a different sensitivity that makes bands and hats more or less fitting even at the same size.
During the last few years wwe try to standardized size and type of product. Only VANZAROT remains unique and different from one another.

Washing in cold water does not affect the size but to avoid shrinkage it is not recommended to leave them to dry near strong heat sources. In case wrap them in a towel.

The sizes is unique exept in rare case. S/M and M/L are indicative and refer to the circumference of your head measured in inch.

The high quality of our merino wool makes them suitable for people who usually do not like having wool in contact with the forehead.

Inside the benies sometime you have a band in Bio merino 175gr/mq wich confer the strechness needed by the unique size. This is mentionned in the product description.

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