Mountaineering Merino Wool Socks

the best mountaineering merino socks

We probably have the most suitable products for those looking for a merino wool thermal sock for mountaineering:
Our specific product are:

Available in high (below the knee) or low (half leg) versions, all models are extremely technical and particularly thick to ensure maximum thermal comfort, especially in winter and at high altitudes.

TECH line products are suitable for those looking for greater performance, in particular as regards the fundamental drying speed in expeditions and multi-day excursions.

Our products have all been successfully tested by Alpine Guides in multiple Himalayan expeditions in Alps and Patagonia.

The TECH line is made with an innovative coupled yarn made from 60% merino wool and 40% polycolon. This polymer has the advantage of removing the moisture towards the outside of the yarn by moving it away from the foot.

It has also been designed for high altitude aerobic activities and is excellent in protecting from the cold but also in avoiding overheating due to friction and therefore the onset of blisters.

For technical mountaineering and mixed routes many athletes have shown the need to have a less thick sock that could leave more sensitivity to the foot.

In this case our Skimo Socks Merino has obtained excellent results, which has the same characteristics as the mountaineering socks mentioned above but thinner.

For multi-day excursions and expeditions we remember all our models have the enviable characteristics of not developing bad smells and of drying quickly thanks to the typical characteristics of extra fine merino wool and antibacterial policolon.

Last but not list our socks provide great protection for the most delicate parts of the foot while ensuring excellent arch support thanks to the anti-twisting instep band
The anti-stretch treatment of our yarns allows you to maintain size stability as long as you comply the washing and care instructions.

Last but not less ... our TECH line merino socks are really good in reducing blister. Read how.

100% merino wool machine washable 40°C
organic, chlorine free No Mulesing
Extra Breatheable always dry feet
expecially in summer
Stop Blisters thank to the insert of
ClimaYarn ®
NATURAL no pesticide have being used
the yarn is G.O.T.S. certified
Reinforced on toes, shin, hill for
the maximum comfort and durability
no smell due to the breatheability and the merino quality
Ice Climbing TECH Antrax Red
Tech Line Socks
Ice Climbing and Dry Tooling
32,00 €
24 Ratings
Ice Climbing TECH Red Antrax
Tech Line Socks
Ice Climbing and Dry Tooling
32,00 €
14 Ratings
Mountaineering TECH Pure Red Best Seller
Tech Line Socks
Expedition - Mountaineering
35,00 €
37 Ratings
Skimo TECH All Green Sale New
Tech Line Socks
Ski Touring - Mountaineering
32,00 € 29,90 €
10 Ratings
Skimo TECH Blue Antrax
Tech Line Socks
Ski Touring - Mountaineering
32,00 €
26 Ratings
Skimo TECH Green Antrax
Tech Line Socks
Ski Touring - Mountaineering
32,00 €
14 Ratings
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