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Welcome to the world of ELBEC, where outdoor fashion meets the excellence of pure merino wool.

We're thrilled to introduce our latest creation, the line of our 100% Merino Wool Fleece Jackets with Hood. A product that embodies the perfect blend of comfort, style, and cold protection.

Breathable, Odorless, and Warm

the key features of this hooded fleece jacket:

  • The exceptional breathability that only natural yarns can ensure even in the most adverse conditions such as low temperatures and high humidity levels;
  • No odors even after prolonged use thanks to the antibacterial properties and breathability of wool;
  • Extreme warmth thanks to the 100% natural wool fleece made with virgin wool flakes.

KAPUZ wool fleece jacket is designed to meet your winter needs

Merino wool, besides being breathable, maintains an optimal temperature and resists odors, ensuring lasting comfort in all conditions.

This isn't a hooded fleece jacket to be used during sports activities, but rather a winter fleece jacket for men and women to be worn after or before sports activities to stay covered and warm. This fleece jacket, with its appearance and comfort features, can also be used in everyday settings.

Unisex Design and Color Palette matching ELBEC's many accessories

With its unisex style, the KAPUZ jacket makes a clear statement in the world of men's and women's fleece jackets.

ELBEC always diverges from the beaten path, and with the resurgence of retro fleece jackets made of 100% polyester (at most with blends with very minimal percentages of natural yarn), we aims to offer a trendy winter fleece jacket entirely in wool.

Our wool fleece is made from the residues of virgin wool carding. The wool that can't be spun due to insufficient length represents a high-quality material used in many artifacts. In our case, these valuable scraps are collected and transformed into 100% wool fleece using carding machines that turn it into a splendid fleece fabric.

The result of this process is a product of the highest quality, natural, biodegradable, non-polluting, not releasing microplastics, and with properties infinitely superior to polyester.

Our wool fleece jacket has an uncrimped unisex cut and is intended to be worn as a second or third layer. Being a unisex product, our men's and women's fleece jackets have a size guide with only two measurements:

Height Shoulders, which should be measured across the back from shoulder to shoulder. Our outdoor wool jackets, and not only, offer a wide range of colors, including Mustard, Cherry, Denim, Navy, Blue, and Red, to express your personality in every shade and to best match with all our accessories: beanies, headbands, neck warmers, balaclavas, all rigorously in merino wool.

The KAPUZ wool jacket stands out for its carefully designed details.

The chest pocket, with its contrasting color against the fabric, is clearly inspired by other well-known clothing brands. However, our unisex wool jackets add a touch of originality and functionality, providing a convenient kangaroo pocket to protect hands from the cold and store small items. The true uniqueness of these jackets, besides the ample wool hood, remains the exceptional quality of the 100% natural and biodegradable materials used.

We've curated our collection keeping in mind the needs of our customers. Are you looking for fleece jackets for women or wool fleece for men? Do you want a winter jacket with a hood that combines style and warmth, but above all, are you seeking a 100% natural product?

KAPUZ is the product for you

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