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Technical heavy socks middle high, compact and fitting, reinforced on toes and heel, for practicing outdoor activities in high mountain especially in cold season. Ideal for those who practice ice climbing and mixte route and like warm socks.

  • Ice Climbing Socks TECH AR
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Mountaineering Socks TECH

Twisted yarn of pure fine merino wool NO MULESING certified and polyethylene. This technical yarn has the particularity of avoiding friction overheating and swiftly moving moisture away from the feet. Higly insulated.


Materials: 54% extra fine merino - 35% Polycolon - 8% polyamide - 9% elasthane
Weight: 115gr

low temperature washable merino socks


Warm Socks Merino Wool

Made with very innovative yarn: CLIMAYARN®

CLIMAYARN® combines the advantages of natural wool with the strength of Polycolon high-performance fibre with an highly effective mechanisms to regulate fluctuations in body temperature:

  • wicks moisture outward;
  • warms in cold weather;
  • largely prevents heat accumulation;
  • machine washable;
  • ideal for socks and outerwear;
  • quicker drier;

  1. Reinforced toe without elastane
  2. Breathable band
  3. Hight density cushioning
  4. Compression area
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