Zak Merino Petrol

Climbing - Ski Mountaineering - Cycling - MTB

Beanie Cap Double Face
This beanie is suitable for all kinds of activities.
Versatile and double-sided, good performances in any circumstance.
Optimal from 15° to -7°C

  • Hunder Helmet Petrol
  • Hunder Helmet Petrol
  • Hunder Helmet Petrol
  • Hunder Helmet Petrol
  • Hunder Helmet Petrol
  • Hunder Helmet Petrol
Color Antrax Petrol

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This Beanie belongs to the Under-Helmet family but is handmade with a double layer of extra light pure merino wool jersey fabric.
The merino comes from New Zealand - South America and South Africa and the beanie is hand-manufactured in Italy by our collaborators.

The yarn used is 100% fine merino wool 150gr/m2
The seams are made with polyester yarn.
Double-sided double layer

Available in one size

Ideal for mid-seasons or in winter. It can also be worn under a warmer beanie for winter activities.
In case of intense cold below -7°C it does not guarantee optimal comfort.
Designed for all types of outdoor activities thanks to the wonderful properties of breathability, warmth and healthiness of merino wool. Extremely versatile and practical, this beanie is suitable for any type of activity where light and breathable protection is needed even in everyday life.

  • Warmth

  • Thickness

  • Breathability


100% Organiv Merino Wool - No Mulesing
Weight: 60gr



I bought this beanie for mid-season, very comfortable and light and it protects well from the air.

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(Pray , Italy)  19 May 2022

I have yet to try it and the material looks good

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(Cervia, Italy)  03 Apr. 2022

Now a benchmark, for me, for hiking socks, this product fully met my expectations. Not particularly suffering from the cold and not being able to stand thick hats, I needed a lightweight and warm product for sub-zero mornings...perfect for me, highly recommended!

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(San Miniato, Italy)  19 March 2022


Under Helmet Handmade Organic Merino wool
Head-Band Handmade 100% light Merino wool

Our light merino apparels are made with 100% Merino jersey fabrics of variable weight from 180 up to 200gr / m2. The fabrics comes from a Bluesign® certified factory in New Zealand which ensures that no chemicals have been used throughout the entire production phase. In addition, the merino wool comes from farms that are associated in ZQ Natural Fiber. ZQ Natural Fiber is an association of breeders who are committed to respecting a complex disciplinary based on sustainability, ethics and traceability.

We can say that the breeders undertake not to practice mulesing and not to transport live animals in order to avoid stress as much as possible and to allow them to move freely outdoors without restrictions.

Our accessories are handmade and seams are made with high-strength polyester yarn. The labeling is in polyester but it is not in contact with the skin as it is always on the outer side of the garment.

These are products suitable for aerobic activity to be used with medium temperatures that are not excessively cold. Ideal in mid-seasons but also in summer, especially in the mountains area. The main characteristics of our products can be summarized as follows.

  • Thermal comfort
  • High breathability
  • Lightness
  • Natural fibers
  • No smell
  • Machine washable at low temperature
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