Elbec packaging is Plastic Free since 2020 Elbec packaging is Plastic Free since 2020

Green and biodegradable packaging since 2020

Elbec packaging is plastic free and made with recycled, recyclable and, if necessary, compostable material!
Because the entire production chain must be sustainable!
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It is with immense pride that ELBEC has freed from all plastic packaging and packaging and is became Plastic Free for the entire packaging and shipping chain in 2020.

We have given up all packaging that is not biodegradable in order to reduce waste even further. our and your impact on the planet!

We are proud of this achievement because it was an objective that we had from the beginning but which was not possible to achieve immediately due to an obvious question of costs linked to this choice.

In fact, none of the companies that ship to Italy take on the burden of providing eco-sustainable packaging. All companies offered low-density polyethylene bags. which unfortunately, despite being a recyclable category 4 material like bags and cling film, we know very well that they represent one of the major causes of pollution of marine habitats.

These bags, like almost all bags made of the same material used in the textile and clothing supply chain, are one of the major causes of suffocation, poisoning and death of the fauna of marine and aquatic ecosystems.

Obviously the choice to give up plastic in all "in" and "out" packaging  has significant costs for us. Costs that we had to assume entirely because in defiance of all the declamations about the green economy and business incentives, at the end of the day, it is always the small businesses that dig into their wallets, the ones that no one helps … those of losers who don't have someone to defend them in Brussels and who can't put their tax headquarters in the Netherlands, just to clarify!

Over time, things have changed and now some companies supply bags made with recycled and theoretically recyclable material. But is there a supply chain everywhere to recover waste and actually recycle it? What happens if the envelope is delivered incorrectly or abandoned in nature?

Why did we do it?

We made this choice because we started shipping a lot of plastic, even though we are a small company! Maybe not a lot but still too much compared to what our ethics allowed us to tolerate. For this reason we have decided to reduce revenues on shipments but to contribute in a clear and unequivocal way to a change in a system. A change that everyone should have the courage to make as soon as possible!

We also did it because we think that all the burdens and blame of pollution and climate change cannot be placed on end consumers but that companies must become promoters of a new way of producing and selling.

Are you really reducing your Environmental Footprint?

Obviously this choice to transform ELBEC into a Plastic Free company is a great one for us. a very important but also difficult choice. We are therefore proud to talk about it, hoping that it constitutes one more reason to choose us and our products. For now this change is applied to all packaging and promotional products. We are still trying to replace some stickers and the PVC adhesive tape that we use exclusively for shipments of large volumes to distributors, with biodegradable products but we have not yet completely succeeded.
To date, all our stickers are made of paper biodegradable and can be thrown together with the packaging in the compost! All the materials that we have decided to use come from renewable sources and are imperatively recycled, recyclable and compostable!
For our packaging as well as for labels we always offer an alternative use (geographical maps, bookmarks, paperweights etc.).< br />In the case of cardboard boxes, reuse is automatic as these are excellent, very resistant boxes thanks to a special design that reinforces the walls thanks to a hand-made creasing system without glue or adhesives.
Obviously the second objective of our packaging is; is to inform and raise awareness among our customers on the environmental issues that matter most to us. are of interest.

At the moment we still have big problems in replacing adhesive tape with truly sustainable products with non-harmful glues as it is there are no valid solutions yet!

In practice, what changes in your shipments?

From today all our products will be shipped inside a recycled and recyclable and possibly compostable cardboard box whose primary function is that of providing a container that allows us to ship our products safely while minimizing the use of material. If it is necessary to ship inside an envelope, biodegradable starch envelopes will be used which will have to be thrown into household waste or compost.
The envelopes we will use are entirely biodegradable in 90 days in temperature and humidity conditions optimal. For the moment we will reduce this sending option as much as possible because compostable bags are still quite expensive and difficult to find on the international market

recyclable and compostable packagingrecyclable and compostable packaging
recyclable and compostable packagingrecyclable and compostable packaging
reusable biodegradable labeling as a bookmarkreusable biodegradable labeling as a bookmark

But it's not everything!

In addition to packaging that is totally free of plastic throughout the entire production chain up to delivery of the product, we have decided to offer customers more Also look out for a cheaper shipping option. sustainable in terms of Co2 emissions. We have recently introduced, in partnership with our shipping company, the option that allows you to collect your package at a Collection Point that will store it for you. for ten days. This option allows you to significantly reduce emissions by reducing the movement of heavy vehicles and promoting mobility. light proximity it is green. The advantage for the customer that is not sure of always being at home is to avoid unnecessary empty deliveries which are also harmful to the environment. In short, an option that we have decided to encourage by supporting an even greater part of the costs and encourage the customer to choose it as their preferred option. The advantages of our shipping options are also easily recognizable thanks to the explanatory logos that will appear during check out:

compostable and biodegradbles bagscompostable and biodegradbles bags
Recyclable, compostable, biodegradable paperboard boxRecyclable, compostable, biodegradable paperboard box

Attention: UPDATE March 1, 2023
From today all our labels and information leaflets are no longer available. made of recycled and biodegradable paper but in an even more "paper" sustainable obtained from the maceration of the remains of the wool and cotton textile supply chain.
A new challenge towards a path that tends towards sustainability!

Attention: UPDATE of 1 January 2024
Today we won a great battle by managing to ship our products on Amazon with biodegradable corn starch bags supplied by us. Is not serious; It was easy for a thousand bureaucratic reasons but from today if you buy our products on Amazon you will have entirely biodegradable packaging.

The "zero waste" objective is possible?

We know we are far from having eliminated plastic products from the entire world. of our production process but we try to do it where the technique allows us to do it. This is serious; a little the approach we try to have in all processes but also in everyday life in the activities daily.
To think that our company can have a bearing on the pollution of the planet is at least pretentious if not ridiculous, but we like to believe that a small gesture like ours can have a greater response. as big as the flapping of a butterfly's wings.

The zero impact in our business is is currently impossible but we can try, in an honest and transparent way, to get as close as possible possible, to the goal we have set ourselves.
In an honest way, in a clean way and possibly in a cool way!

Stay clean, be honest, be cool

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Federico Sordini
Federico Sordini
ELBEC was founded in 2015 by me, Federico Sordini, a DOC mountaineer (Of Citizen Origin), an architect graduated in Paris and specialized in sustainable architecture in Lausanne. I collaborate with the main international non-governmental organizations in emergency, post-emergency and development projects that bring me into close contact with reality. complex in Africa, Asia and South America. Active environmentalist, low level mountaineer, mountain lover.
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