now available 100% wool fleece kacket 

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Maximum comfort and quality
respecting the environment at all stages of production.

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Socially useful and economically sustainable.
The knitting products are entirely handmade with merino wool.

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what no mulesing means?

The no mulesing certification ensures that the yarn comes from animals that have not been mutilated and are not subjected to pesticide dips, which are extremely dangerous for the animal and the environment, and whose toxic agents remain in the yarn. The wool comes from small animal husbandry in areas not infested by a
particular type of fly, generally above 1,500 metres, using best practices in sheep breeding respecting both the animals and the environment.

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Breathable, blister-free merino wool socks reinforced at the points of greatest stress. Maximum comfort for your feet even in extreme activities

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The socks with the highest percentage of extra fine merino wool. Maximum comfort and maximum protection against the cold

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Under an helmet or under a beanie for additional winter protection

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Unique products handmade in the heart of the Dolomites

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60,00 €
Mountaineering NATURE Grey Sale
Nature Line Socks
Mountaineering - Photo Trekking - Snowshoeing
37,00 € 34,90 €
47 Ratings
Alpine NATURE Orange Red Sale
Nature Line Socks
33,00 € 28,90 €
17 Ratings
Mountaineering TECH Pure Red Best Seller
Tech Line Socks
Expedition - Mountaineering
35,00 €
37 Ratings
Ice Climbing TECH Antrax Red
Tech Line Socks
Ice Climbing and Dry Tooling
32,00 €
24 Ratings
ZAK Lucifer Sale New
Under Helmet
Hiking Ski Touring MTB Running Climbing Light weight 100% Merino No Mulesing New Light Beanies
39,50 € 33,58 €
CLASSIC SHORT Mustang Green Sale New
Merino Wool Beanies
Temperature -15°C / + 10°C
54,90 € 49,41 €
Merino Wool Beanies
Temperature -30°C / 10°C
64,90 € 55,17 €
Merino Wool Beanies
Temperature -10°C / 15°C
49,90 € 39,92 €
Merino Wool Beanies
Temperature -20°C / 10°C
64,90 € 58,41 €
Symon Welfringer

Symon Welfringer

International Alpine Guide UIAGM - Meteo Engineering

We live on a planet that offers an extraordinary diversity of landscapes. Not to enjoy it is a crime. No matter the way, hike, climb or fly, the mountains around us deserve our full attention. This is also why we must take care to allow as many people as possible to enjoy it in the future.

International Alpine Guide UIAGM - Meteo Engineering
Enrico Geremia

Enrico Geremia

International Alpine Guide UIAGM

My main passion has always been to undertake paths unknown to me in any field, from the mountains to engineering. In fact, this passion led me to become first an aerospace engineer and then a mountain guide. I work in both areas but what gratifies me most is the activity of Alpine Guide and mainly that of Mountaineering Master, looking for the best way to teach what I learned during my mountaineering activity.
International Alpine Guide UIAGM
Giovanni Zaccaria

Giovanni Zaccaria

Aspirante Alpine Guide UIAGM

I like to merge my self with nature, bivouac on a ledge halfway up the wall, observe a deer running in a snowy forest, melt snow outside the tent in the middle of the glacier or warm up by the fire under a starry sky that only the desert can offer. Mountaineering is a perfect excuse to travel within myself and towards my limits, explore distant places and meet the other.
Aspirante Alpine Guide UIAGM

I have particularly delicate feet and have tried hundreds of socks without ever being fully satisfied with my purchase. For the first time now I can say that I have finally found the perfect sock for me. No blisters, dry feet and above all ... it's true !!! .... they don't smell bad, even after many hours of summer trekking. The fabric is really soft and no friction is created. In addition, the mid-calf elastic is very delicate and does not make the "tourniquet" effect but at the same time does not make the sock slip .... which is very difficult to find!

Elena B.

It is already my second purchase on this site. The socks are really good and I have only a memory of cold feet. I recommend them to everyone.

Nicola R.

Finally a company that seems truly attentive to the environment! The wool is very soft and the beautiful socks high below the knee! Recommended

Francesca M.

I have always had blistering problems doing ski touring and with these socks I have solved the problem. OUTSTANDING!

Vittoria B.

Used for a trip to Finland, with cold temperatures always below 0. The socks have kept the heat very well and the fit is really comfortable with reinforcements on the heel. Consigliatissime!

Andrea T.

I prefer the entirely natural line to the technical one. With the technical and ultra-light boots now, this sock is perfect for long stays in the snow with which I compare myself daily without further compressing the foot and ensuring maximum warmth.

Giovanni Z.

Not just socks!
Hats, under-helmets, underwear, and t-shirts made strictly with natural and organic yarns

Unconventional products for your mountain activities made with No Mulesing merino wool and 100% organic and natural yarns. All our yarns have ICEA and GOTS environmental certifications. Our products are made with natural, hypoallergenic yarns dyed with natural products and without the use of chlorine.

Accessories are handmade with love in the heart of the Dolomites.

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