For those who, like us, love the Mountains and the Environment

Ecology and quality rigorously made in Italy

We produce products that mainly differ in the quality of the materials and in the attention to the environment through all production phases.

We strive to promote a relationship with the consumer based on honesty and transparency.

The manufacturing is entirely Italian because we think it is still possible, despite
everything, to make a product made in Italy.

The project was born in Val Pettorina, the heart of the Dolomites, at the foot of his Queen (Marmolada). I moved here with my family after years of experience in Africa and Central America collaborating with the main international non-governmental organisations in the field of emergency and post-emergency.
Here, I founded the Val Pettorina Permacultural Association for the promotion
and restoration of agricultural practices in the mountains, and the protection and respect for the mountain habitat by organizing trekking with donkeys to promote the knowledge and use of pack animals. I also run a green B&B with low environmental impacts.
The passion for outdoor activities that I practice, combined with my love and respect for the mountains and their traditions, have led me to the creation of a brand of technical apparel products, both ethical and natural.

Federico Sordini

We do not ride the fashions of the moment or try to impress with captivating marketing operations.
We do not seek profit at any price by lowering production costs as much as possible, but we seek the right balance by favoring the quality of the finished product.

what no mulesing means?

The no mulesing certification ensures that the yarn comes from animals that have not been mutilated and are not subjected to pesticide dips, which are extremely dangerous for the animal and the environment, and whose toxic agents remain in the yarn. The wool comes from small animal husbandry in areas not infested by a
particular type of fly, generally above 1,500 metres, using best practices in sheep breeding respecting both the animals and the environment.



Ideal for mountaineering, ICE CLIMBING, skimo, trekking

Calze da Alpinismo in Lana Merinos Organica


Maximum comfort and quality
respecting the environment at all stages of production.


Trekking Socks


The maximum technicality while respecting the
environment and the animals that supply the wool