Trail Running Merino Socks

calza running comrpressione merino

Merino Ultra-technical trail running sock designed for running and in particular for ultramarathons and trail running on challenging terrain in extreme climates, particularly with severe temperature fluctuations.

The key features of our merino wool running sockare:

  • Breathability
  • Quality
  • Compression and Gradual Compression
  • Anti-blister
  • Anti-odor
  • Anti-sweat

It is a low graduated compression running sock of class A and very adherent to the foot.
These are merino wool running socks with class A graduated compression and easy compression, very tight to the foot.

Blister-proof running socks: our merino wool trail running socks are made with a certified yarn that has the characteristic of wicking moisture away from the outside, reducing the formation of blisters, leaving the foot dry (breathability) and preventing the formation of unpleasant odors even after prolonged use of several days.

Of course, as with all ELBEC socks, we use extra-fine quality merino wool with a yarn diameter ranging from 16 to 21 microns. There are three degrees of compression on the foot, achieved by varying the tension of the merino yarn weft:

Minimum compression is at the tip of the foot so as not to reduce circulation to the toes, and at the bottom of the fit at the anti-abrasion reinforcements and shock-absorbing pads.

Medium compression is at the lightest part of the sock at the instep and ankle.

Maximum compression is in the middle part of the foot at the arch of the foot.

The Sky Black TECH is a preconditioned sock that you can wear immediately without any kind of treatment and that will not suffer shrinkage during its lifespan by respecting washing deliveries.
In the first few uses after running, our socks may release pilling (tiny wool balls) that disappears after the first few washes.
This means that our inner sponging is made of merino wool and not polyamide. This is an indication of high quality!

HYBRID, on the other hand, are socks designed together with WILD TEE and the ultrarunner Filippo Canetta to address the need for winter running socks made of merino wool.
This sock made with fine yarns that ensure a very pleasant fit are compressive but not gradual.

100% merino wool machine washable 40°C
organic, chlorine free No Mulesing
Extra Breatheable always dry feet
expecially in summer
Stop Blisters thank to the insert of
ClimaYarn ®
NATURAL no pesticide have being used
the yarn is G.O.T.S. certified
Reinforced on toes, shin, hill for
the maximum comfort and durability
no smell due to the breatheability and the merino quality
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