FAQ: Frequenlty Asked Questions

I'm always cold on the feet. What are the thickest socks you have?


I do not like thick socks, do you have something light?


What are the most suitable socks or ski mountaineering?

Definitely SKIMO TECH or ALPINE NATURE if you prefer a more natural and ethics yarn.

I have an intermediate size, do I take the largest or smallest model?

Since our yarns are mainly natural and we use very few elasthane we always suggest you to take the size that comes closest to you (ex: for a 42.5 size, take 39-42).

Are your socks available in stores?

Our socks are available in stores (retailer link) but online purchasing favors our profit margin and therefore all the research necessary for testing, looking for new yarns, improving products.

Which are the most suitable socks for an intense and frequent use?

The TECH line is made of a coupled yarn that combines the advantages of natural merino with polyethylene that makes the socks more resistant to wear, which avoids friction heating while maintaining the insulating properties of wool, which eliminates the moisture more quickly.

What are the most comfortable socks?

The NATURE line, as well as having an extra fine quality merino yarn, is a softer and extremely pleasant sock.

Do your socks help prevent blistering?

Given that the formation of the blisters mainly depends on the oscillation of the foot inside the shoes, our socks are all equipped with reinforcements and bearings in the points of greater friction. A greater thickness of the sock helps to prevent the formation of the blisters because it acts as a buffer between the foot and the shoes.

Where does your merino come from?

Our merino wool comes from New Zealand from farms above 1500m where the fly that most attack the Merinos do not live. The yarns are woven and colored in Austria and Italy.

What does extra fine merinos mean?

The wool is classified according to the diameter of the hair in merino, fine merino and extra fine merino. The extra fine is the best quality with a diameter ranging between 14 and 16 microns and is the most suitable quality for garments in contact with the skin.

What does No Mulesing mean?

No Mulesing is a certification that certifies that the wool comes from farms where mulesing is not practiced.

What GOTS means?

Acronym of Global Organic Textile Standard is currently the most coveted certification in the field of biological tissues. This certification ensures that the merino sheep that provide the wool come from organic farms, that no toxic pesticide treatment is applied to the animals, that mulesing is not practiced, that the utmost attention to the environment is provided throughout the production cycle (the carding to the painting) of the yarns.

What does Organic Bio merino mean?

Organic or Bio certifies the origin of a yarn from farms that produce in a biological way the food necessary for the animals and do not use chemicals on the fields or on the animals.

What does Chlorine Free mean?

A special process that makes the machine-washable merino without using chlorine baths. This innovative process allows to significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

What is the difference between polyethylene and polyester?

Both are polymers that have the function of giving resistance to yarns. Because of the high density polyethylene has excellent thermal and water repulsion characteristics without however favoring the proliferation of bacteria and bad smell.

What is polyamide for?

Polyamide is used to increase the workability of wool with machinery. Since the polyamide tends to absorb moisture in our socks, the use of this yarn is reduced to a minimum. We are testing a new polyamide of plant origin with which we would like to replace the current yarns.

Are your socks entirely in natural yarn?

Our socks have a high percentage of natural yarns ranging from 91% to 52% (the highest percentages currently on the market) according to the models. In the heaviest socks the resistance to wear is given by the thickness while for the lighter ones a greater quantity of synthetic yarns is used to guarantee the necessary resistance in the points more solicited.

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