TUBO Light Sky

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Our merino TUBE can be used as a head covering, headband or neck warmer.
Thanks to the wonderful breathability, thermal and health properties of merino wool, this garment is perfect in all seasons

  • TUBE Sky
  • TUBE Sky
  • TUBE Sky
  • TUBE Sky
Color Petrol Denim

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This high tube light headband is handmade from merino wool jersey fabric.
The merino wool fabric comes from New Zealand from ZQ Natural Fiber organic farms and is imported to Italy by ELBEC without intermediate steps.

Of course the supply chain cannot be said to be short, but the quality of the wool is truly exceptional!

The seams are made strictly of cotton to ensure only natural yarns in contact with the skin!

It can be worn as a headband by folding it in two on itself, as a tube and neck warmer, as a lightweight headdress, and as an underhelmet. Extremely versatile

Available in one size height 30cm. Stretchy fabric due to the weave of the sparse knit fabric but no spandex or lycra!

  • Warmth

  • Thickness

  • Breathability


100% Merino Wool - No Mulesing - Animal friendly
Weight: 180gr/m2


High quality

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(ROMA, Italy)  20 Nov. 2022

I'll never will keep it out!

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(Roma, Italy)  11 Apr. 2022

Excellent purchase. Very soft

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(Monte Riggioni, Italy)  01 March 2021

Super product. I always keep it in my pocket in winter and also in summer. In winter up hill in the sun it is great! In summer as soon as a cloud comes along!

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 05 Oct. 2020

The fabric is amazing, it doesn't itch and it doesn't even feel like wool! It dries so quickly!

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(Roma, Italy)  01 Jan. 2020
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