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Beanies Handmade in Val Pettorina - Marmolada - Dolomites

100% Organic Merino wool

  • DOLOMITES Pigeon Brown
  • DOLOMITES Pigeon Brown
Color Blue Petrol

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100% Organic and Organic Merino Wool yarn
Italian carding and spinning
Chlorine free

Handmade in Val Pettorina - Dolomites

Available in only one size but the knitted construction makes it extremely yielding and soft therefore suitable for any type of circumference Approximate dimensions: 23cm width; 24cm height; Circumference from 50cm to 60cm approximately

This hat does not have an internal merino lining band. The knits are very tight unlike crochet but the warmth of this hat is low and is designed for after sports!

NB: the Dolomites Handmade beanies is not suitable for wearing under a helmet or helmet

  • Warmth

  • Thickness

  • Breathability


100% Organic Merino Wool - No Mulesing
Weight: 100gr


Given to my wife, who hates beanie. Now she has a beanie she loves. Soft and comfortable, she uses it all the time. ;)

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(Piacenza, Italy)  10 Jan. 2022

Congratulations, that's an unconventional product !

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(Noceto, Italy)  24 Dec. 2021


Organic Merino Wool Benies Hand Made
Headband Merinos Heavy Alpine

Beanies and head bands

Our handmade hats and hand bands are entirely handcrafted with knit or crochet by the people who decide to partecipate to the Widespread Manifacturing in Val Pettorina - Dolomites.

Each craftsman chooses their colors intertwining extra fine organic merino wool or Bio Organic cotton both chlorine free. That is why each product is unique!  Each craftsman has a different sensitivity that makes bands and hats more or less fitting even at the same size.
During the last few years wwe try to standardized size and type of product. Only VANZAROT remains unique and different from one another.

Washing in cold water does not affect the size but to avoid shrinkage it is not recommended to leave them to dry near strong heat sources. In case wrap them in a towel.

The sizes is unique exept in rare case. S/M and M/L are indicative and refer to the circumference of your head measured in inch or centimeters.

The high quality of our merino wool makes them suitable for people who usually do not like having wool in contact with the forehead.

Inside the benies sometime you have a band in Bio merino 175gr/mq wich confer the strechness needed by the unique size. This is mentionned in the product description.

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