MTB merino socks


Our succesfull models of MTB merino socks

MTB socks must have very particular characteristics: ee tried to respond as best as we can to all of them.

First of all, the MTB sock must guarantee high comfort while cycling without moving as it represents the point of contact between us and the shoe that we will probably wear for many hours.

Our Merino Mountain Bike socks should avoid unnecessary chafing and discomfort thanks to a graduated compression that makes them very fitting. Furthermore, merino wool socks designed for MTB in the Dolomites or in altitude, protect against the cold and the significant temperature changes that can occur in the mountains even in summer.

Whether they are winter socks to protect us from the cold, wind and rain or summer merino socks to combat the heat and humidity, the rule is always applies; dry feet allow long excursions while wet feet are just 'aches and pains'.

That's why our MTB socks use the best natural yarn for this purpose. We use a blend of the highest quality merino wool combined with polypropylene that immediately wicks moisture away from the foot, giving a dry feeling in rain, mud and sweat. But that's not all, because our yarn is an excellent anti-odour and antibacterial thanks to the typical properties of merino wool.

MTB routes in the mountains, even if not excessively demanding, force cyclists to 'portage' through dangerous, excessively steep or densely vegetated passages. In these cases it is necessary to have a sock that allows us to walk easily while keeping the foot stable and cushioned inside the shoe.

This is why ELBEC's MTB low socks are sponged on the inside, ensuring maximum comfort and excellent foot protection.

Happy sheep from herds that produce merino wool to the highest ZQ animal health standards, for happy feet wich makes hikers ... enthusiasts!
Visit the Dolomites with your bike and our breathable, sweat-proof MTB socks on your feet!

MTB merino socks

100% merino wool machine washable 40°C
organic, chlorine free No Mulesing
Extra Breatheable always dry feet
expecially in summer
Stop Blisters thank to the insert of
ClimaYarn ®
NATURAL no pesticide have being used
the yarn is G.O.T.S. certified
Reinforced on toes, shin, hill for
the maximum comfort and durability
no smell due to the breatheability and the merino quality
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MTB - Approach
25,00 €
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Tech Line Socks
MTB - Approach
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