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Approach - Running - Trekking

Polyfunctional compression sock, technical ant lightweight, made of ORGANIC merino wool.
High multifunctionality and excellent quality

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  • Hybrid Magenta
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27,00 €

100% merino wool machine washable 30°C
organic, chlorine free No Mulesing
Extra Breatheable always dry feet
Stop Blisters thank to the insert in
extra fine merino
NATURAL no pesticide have being used
the yarn is G.O.T.S. certified
Reinforced on toes, shin, hell for
the maximum comfort and durability
no smell due to the breatheability and the merino quality

Lightweight multifunctional sock. The main function of these socks, in addition to the thermal properties of merino wool, is to maximize breathability to leave the foot dry at all times both in high temperatures but especially in aerobic physical exertion in cold weather.
This sock was made and designed in close collaboration with Wild Tee to create a high-quality product for winter running. During the testing stages we realized that its characteristics make it extremely suitable for all those technical footwear that does not require excessive thickness.
Used on multi-day summer hiking with approaching shoes they gave excellent response on all types of terrain.
Heel and toe are made with a blended yarn (60%merino and 40%polypropylene) to increase wear resistance at the most stressed points. On the front sole, a reinforced, anti-slip support to stabilize the sock inside the shoe.
Compression sock

  • Summer Trekking

  • Winter Trekking

  • Cicling - MTB

  • Approach

  • Running - Trial

  • Climbing

  • Warmth

  • Thickness

  • Breathability


52% Fine Merino Wool  - 12% Polycolon - 30% Polyamide - 6% Elasthane
Weight: 45gr



Caratteristiche calze ciclismo, MTB, bike paking

In term of Bio Yarn this is actually the best extra fine merino available.

Animal friendly - Organic - Chlorine Free

Yarn in pure extra fine merino wool certified NO MULESING and GOTS.
This natural yarn of the highest quality and softness has been treated with chlorine-free processes to reduce environmental impacts.

The GOTS certification ensures maximum compliance with environmental parameters regarding pollution, animal protection, absence of chemical agents in all stages of production and particular attention also to aspects of respect and protection of workers.

Machine washable at 30°c (Total Easy Care) - Wool Program

  1. Area without elastan breathable thank to the spinned shape
  2. Body socks manufactured with 100% organic merino
  3. Density cushioning
  4. Anti-slip area
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A perfect sock

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(MANERBIO, Italy)  25 May 2022

Very comfortable, very stretchy and snug, suitable with flat shoes and summer boots

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(Montecchio Emilia, Italy)  08 Apr. 2022

Excellent socks, used on day hike. Comfortable, breathable, no "stretch" effect. I will definitely place another order.

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(VILLA LAGARINA, Italy)  05 Apr. 2022

I have been using them for a week now for both daily walks and slightly longer treks in sneakers. They feel very snug and pleasant to me!

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(Torgiano, Italy)  01 March 2022

I have already purchased a pair of socks from the site and I have found them very comfortable to wear with hiking boots for my long mountain hiking. They are really breathable and prevent the painful blisters that make it difficult to continue the trekking. Very Recommended

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(Parma, Italy)  28 Dec. 2021
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